Splitting Objects with PoseRay


Currently Terragen 2 has a hard coded limit on the number of textures that can be associated with an imported object. It is possible to get around these limits by splitting up your object into as many parts as needed to load all materials successfully.

Software used

How To

The first step is to load your model into PoseRay. Once you have it loaded check to see how the shaders are organized. Some models will have both Materials and Groups preset and others will simply have Materials and no Groups. For my example, the object imported with 42 Materials listed under the Materials tab and one default Group listed under the Group tab.



Under the Group tab, click the Tools button and select Materials to Groups. This will create one Group for every Material on your object. The Groups window now looks like this:

As Terragen 2 can currently only load 16 Materials in at once, you need to hide the rest of the Materials that do not fit. You can do this by clicking on the orange cube beside each Group name. They will change to be a small red “x”.

Clicking the Remove Non-Visible Groups button will now remove all Materials but the 16 that are currently visible.

You can now export the object as you normally would.

Now that the first part of your object is done, you can reload the original object in PoseRay. You will now do the first step again and choose Materials to Groups again. This time hide the first 16 Groups, leave the next 16 Groups visible and then hide the remaining Groups. Once again click Remove Non-visible Groups and then export the second part of your object. Continue this process as many times as needed until your object is fully split into as many 16 Material objects as needed. For my example model this took three exports.

You can now import all of your models into Terragen 2 and end up with a complete model with as many materials as you need.

First Object Imported into Terragen 2

First and Second Objects Imported into Terragen 2

All Objects Imported into Terragen 2

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