Mount Becher and Boston Ridge Traverse

Day six of my short Vancouver Island vacation.  One of the major hikes I had planned for this trip was to hike to the top of Mount Becher and then take the Boston Ridge Traverse back to the bottom.  Quite a bit of planning had been put into this hike, and I even created a custom map of the route to make sure we stayed on the correct trail.  I was expecting it to be tough and it did not disappoint.

Starting from the bottom of the abandoned ski lodge the trail climbed up past old ski lifts and through beautiful patches of fall coloured moss and lichen.  As we entered sub-alpine levels there was a fair bit of ice on the trail so it was a bit slick in places.  Views out over the Salish Sea and Comox Lake were amazing.  Once we had a bit of lunch at the summit and took in the views of Comox Glacier, we headed toward the much less traveled Boston Ridge Traverse.  This trail is tricky and every step needed to be carefully placed to avoid sliding down one side of the ridge or the other.  Eventually the trail opens up to some of the most spectacular views of the Cruikshank Canyon.  Eventually after what seemed an age we made it back to the car park just shortly after the sun had gone down.